Stained glass is truly amazing. It has been the main features for churches, train stations, historical buildings and so much more. This interesting, and often expensive, art work is revered around the globe and people are willing to travel thousands of miles to see these intricate pieces. Here’s a list of the 5 best stained glass pieces in the US that you should see.

5. Resurrection Cemetery in Justice, IL

Stained Glass

Resurrection Cemetery is home to the largest stained glass window in the world. It is over 22,000 square feet and contains over 2,000 panels. It was created by Pickel Studio. At night the cemetery sometimes back lights the mausoleum and it looks stunning.

4. The Chicago Cultural Center in Chicago, IL

tiffany dome in chicago

Another Illinois feat of stained glass wonder, the Chicago Cultural Center is said to be home to the largest Tiffany dome in the world. If you look closely enough you can see zodiac signs embossed at the peak.

3. University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS

Stained glass American flag

This $200,000 American flag is 40 feet high, over 900 pieces and is the largest stained glass flag in existence. It’s located in the Dole Institute of Politics.

2. Christian Science Center in Boston, MA


The Mapparium is a 3 story tall stained glass globe. Unlike most globes, you get to view this one from the inside. It depicts the country borders as the world was in 1935. The hard, spherical shape acts as a whispering gallery, where you can hear sound from across the room as if it were next to you.

1. Washington National Cathedral in Washington D.C.

washington national cathedral

The second largest cathedral in the US and the sixth largest in the world, the Washington National Cathedral attracts over 400,000 viewers a year. This cathedral features over 200 stained glass windows with the most famous being the Space Window – featuring a tribute to man’s first mission to the moon. In addition there’s a slew of memorial stained glass pieces dedicated to heroes and moments of the past.