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Historical Glass in the US: Marbles

Most Americans that were children predating the Internet and cable TV probably had a jar like this in their closet or on a bedroom shelf. Marbles were beautiful colored balls of glass that are a part of American history. Now, they’re being collected for their beauty and rarity. The marble is one of the most beloved forms of historical glass in the US. When Marbles Were Mainly For Kids Marbles was a game that almost.. Read More

5 Best Stained Glass Pieces in the US

Stained glass is truly amazing. It has been the main features for churches, train stations, historical buildings and so much more. This interesting, and often expensive, art work is revered around the globe and people are willing to travel thousands of miles to see these intricate pieces. Here’s a list of the 5 best stained glass pieces in the US that you should see. 5. Resurrection Cemetery in Justice, IL Resurrection Cemetery is home to.. Read More